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Preventative Dental

Dental Crisis Treatment

The most effective and least costly treatment that you can have is from the results of your regular checkup and timely care from your dentist and his professional staff. It's the best insurance you can have for dental health.

Since most dental problems don't hurt until its too late, what you don't know can become a big problem if not detected and treated early, while the problem is small.

Keeping Your Child Healthy

Your child's first visit to the dentist should be around age 18 months. In addition to regular exams and dental care as your child grows, proper nutrition, home care with fluoride and dental sealants have been shown to be almost 90% effective in preventing dental decay and disease. In addition, evaluation and guidance of growth and development in the early years can save your child years of suffering and embarrassment from malocclusion.

Protect your life with an oral cancer screening. Every visit includes an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer can lead to death but if detected early it is survivable.

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