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Rubber Dam & Tooth Rest

Rubber Dam

Our non latex rubber dam is a great thing once you get used to the idea of it. There are many hazards, tasts, smells, and visibility issues when doing routine dentistry without the protective isolation offered by the rubber dam. The device is simple to put on, and offers increased safety for you and increased visibility for the dental team.

With the dam in place, you can still swallow and it's still relatively more comfortable than cotton rolls, sharp tools and drying air blasts in your mouth. In addition, the rubber dam decreases gagging, increases comfort, allows better dentistry, and decreases uncomfortable dry mouth, usually associated with the rinsing and drying of dental treatment.

The rubber dam isolates you from the sharp flying objects, dislodged filling material and other unmentionables that are hopefully rinsed out before you swallow during an unprotected dental procedure ... Think about it.

The tooth rest is a specially shaped mouth prop (we call it the tooth pillow) that you can close on to avoid the muscle strain of keeping your mouth open for long periods.

With the rubber dam and tooth pillow in use, many of our patients nod off and doze through their dental treatment.