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Dennis Alleman, DMD, PC

CAESY (English & Spanish)


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand wordsa nd our office has just the pictures to answer all of your dentally related questions. The CAESY system and the Smile Channel are available in each of our treatment areas.

CAESY stands for Clinically Advanced Education System. It is an interactive patient educational program designed especially for dentistry. This DVD based program has 100 separate modules with voice-overs and over 1000 images. There are 20 galleries of still photos.

The system is convenient and easy to use in conjunction with the TLC monitor. It only takes one click and right in front of you, CAESY can answer any dental question you might want to know.

The Smile Channel is a similar program to CASEY. This DVD Based system is just as easy to use, and is designed to show all of the aesthetic possibilities Dr. Alleman can employ to give you your dazzling new smile.